Daphne Vagia Vakali

Daphne Vagia Vakali

Homeopath, Breathwork Practitioner, Reiki Master, Meditation

PG Homeopath

Cert. Usui Reiki Master

Cert. Breathwork Practitioner

Bach Remedies Certified Practitioner

Neck & Spine Injuries Certified Practitioner

ADHD Certified 



School of Homeopathy Diploma, Athens.

Postgraduate studies in Homeopathy (Hahnemann College of Homeopathy) London UK.

Certificate Usui Reiki Master

Certificate Breathwork (Integral Body Institute)

Certificate Meditation Merkabah

Certificate Bach Remedies, (Bach Center), England.

Certificate for ADHD (King's College, London).

Kapodistrian University of Athens (Traumatology). Neck injuries, Spine, Spinal Cord.

Life Coaching Lessons (Life Coach Training Institute), California.

Homeopathic Seminars (Dr Sharma, Mani Norland, etc.) for Acute and Chronic diseases.

Author of the novel "Life is just the game" published by Iolkos.

Public Relations Seminars, Athens College.

School of Nursing, Diploma.

About me..

Over the years, I have been working as a Homeopath in Athens, throughout Greece and abroad with people who needed treatment. Homeopathy became a part of my life due to my oldest son. In the beginning, I dedicated myself to it, gained respect for it and embraced it with great enthusiasm, but later on with its due respect and love. 

  • A homeopath treats patients by following the Laws of homeopathy and its Principles and by acquiring an in depth understanding of its philosophy. I feel really grateful that it has crossed my path. It is a holistic therapeutic method that treats all levels of the body (body, soul, mind). According to internationally acclaimed homeopaths like Jawahar Shah, reaches our DNA.

  • Many years ago, I started offering Reiki healing treatments. Lately (2020), I felt the need to continue and I am now a certified Reiki Master of the original Mikao Usui Reiki method.

Reiki is a simple Japanese, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. It is the Universe energy that flows inside us by balancing and healing every blocked chakra in our body.

Many years ago, I started Kriya yoga lessons of Self - Realization Fellowship (California - P. Yogananda Asram). More than 20 years, till now I have been engaged in Meditation and specific Merkabah Meditation, search for the Truth of the soul and spirituality. Trough my personal spiritual path, for many years,  I have learned to overcome, to listen and to move forward with spirituality, optimism and understanding that everything is lessons and we only move when we have really worked internally with ourselves.

Breathwork has Kriyas yoga breaths and it is the right, deep, therapeutic breath that balances, unblocks and heals the chakras (energy centers in the body). It is based on the Circle  Breathing technique, which allows participants to access the subconscious negative thoughts they have about themselves and the world, thoughts that are often associated with a trauma. Through these breaths we reach the state of relaxation and inner peace. Helps with either physical, mental or emotional problems - imbalances. Helps with physical, mental or emotional problems – imbalances and awaken your full life potential and bring more joy, trust, happy and health into your life. Awaken your breath, Awaken to life!

  • I am also very fond of Bach Flowers Remedies and have been using them since 2004. After experimenting with them on a personal level, I found that they are very beneficial and they can be perfectly combined with homeopathy so as to provide the desirable results.

  • During my online ADHD disorder course at King’s College, I felt grateful once more that my son had been treated exclusively with homeopathic remedies for 8 years. It had immediate results and he felt really well continuously. I learned about children and parents who are struggling with conventional medication like Ritalin or Strattera, when the truth is so simple and easy.
  • During my studies at the University of Athens, I specialized and trained in neck, spine and spinal cord injury and I came across the wonders of the holistic approach to the human body once more. The more we study the human body, the more we respect and accept the fact that it functions as a whole.

Understanding that all things are bind in perfection has always led me to peace, serenity, acceptance and freedom. Going with the flow, always brings out truth, joy and trust. I am thankful for everything, recognizing that everything that happens to me is a lesson in life, it is pure divine nature, therefore, I accept it simply because, the truth always lies in simplicity.

The journey goes on no matter what… 




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